Trouble getting started.

Trouble getting started.



I’m stalling. I want to start making decisions but I don’t know where to begin. Not because I’m afraid of the topic (clearly that’s not my problem) I think I’m having 2 challenges with this exercise.

There is so much to do. Before I started researching funeral options I thought the only decisions I needed to make were which funeral home to choose and what cemetery I wanted to be buried in, but I know better now.

I’m afraid to commit. This is permanent. Whatever I decide now is forever. My triple great grandchildren will be flying their hover crafts to visit my final resting place someday so the weight of these decisions goes beyond the people I call my family today. And what if I change my mind, find a better way or live until I’m 100 and all of the options change?

I have the time (god-forbid) to plan my own funeral and I can’t imagine doing this with the added emotional layer of feeling grief and loss to the process.