Re: Sad News


I always know what follows when that’s in the subject line of an email. It’s usually an acquaintance…someone I know but not very well. But today the subject was someone I loved, respected and I considered a friend and mentor. I still feel a little dizzy from the news.

I feel torn about hearing about a death in an email – especially when it’s someone special. Proper funeral etiquette would be to pick up the phone to share the news, but I’m glad I was part of an email where I was notified with the rest my friends. We “e-reacted” to the news together and have been sharing outrageous stories all day – I only wish his partner was included.

My friend wrote this on her Facebook wall for our dear friend – I can’t think of better words to express our loss today.

My heart is beyond heavy today. I have never laughed so much with someone or shared so many great days. To say you were my brother, my mentor, and my evil twin … may the gates of the great upstairs be lined with gold for you; may your pockets be filled with jewelry as you cross that border; and may St Peter meet you wearing a gold lame thong and a couple of hot seamen by his side. Let’s honor our Richard with some ofhis favorite words … marry for money, the love will come later.

This man was iconic and outrageous and as I tapped words into this blog about my fictitious celebration of life, he was planning his own for real. Is it weird I’m looking forward to his funeral?

RIP my dear friend. This was just the intermission.