Should I chose cremation or burial?

Is it too soon to start talking about how to dispose of my body? Should I start with the party I want to celebrate my life? That would be much more fun, but unfortunately this is where everyone needs to start.

“Body disposition” sounds cold. I wish there was another term for it, but the reality is our bodies won’t last forever…unless you are one of the zombies on The Walking Dead where they never seem to decompose! For the rest of us, we need to decide what we want to do with the body we leave behind.

Our choices to start are clear – do you want your body to be buried or cremated? There are many options that fall under each of these categories but we need to start with one of these 2 choices.

I have a fear – I must have seen it in a movie and it stuck with me. I know it’s not reasonable, but I’m really afraid I might be able to feel or be aware of what’s happening to me when I’m dead. For this reason cremation isn’t an option but let’s throw in my side order of claustrophobia and now I’m really screwed. I don’t want to be buried and I don’t want to burn.

By default the choice had been made for me-cremation isn’t an option so my body will need to stay in tact.