In the Media. Just for Fun.

I’m a regular gal and I’m not from the funeral space. I’m trying to figure out how to manage work and family, I’m part of a carpool, I live in suburbia and I love reality TV (well…almost any tv). I went to art school and working as a freelance art director gives me the downtime so I can work on I’ve met some pretty great people, occasionally asked for an interview or guest blog article and every now and again I get a nod from someone fabulous.

Yes, I blog about death – but the point of this blog is not to be creepy or scary – it’s the opposite, really. I want to take the sting out of talking about death because we all face it and there’s no getting around it. If you are fabulous (or even shy) and in the funeral space, let’s try to connect. The stories behind the people and products in this space are almost always inspired by a personal experience and I love to hear about them. And if you are in the media and want to talk to someone who’s been observing the funeral industry, but not in it – I’m your girl. Just take a look below.

The “Rock-Stars” I’ve met along the way…

Lisa Carlson and Joshua Slocum

Peggy Post, The Emily Post Institute

Joseph Primo, Good Grief and Dawn Stendsland-Mendte

Dr. Norma Bowe, The Death Class

Charlotte Eulette, The Celebrant Foundation

Andy Cohen, Bravo TV

Mark Harris, Green Burialist

Steve Block

Thomas Parmalee, American Funeral Director Magazine